Advantages of Faux Painted Wood Grained Garage Doors

Painting your entry and garage doors makes a lot of sense. Cost, maintenance, convenience are all great benefits of Beth the Door Diva painting your house. From Wellington to Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Naples the Door Diva services your area, the prices discussed are for the south Florida area.

In this article we are going to look at the benefits and break them down for you.

I was walking through Lowes the other day and noticed this.

Benefits of wood grain painting the doors you already have in your home

Benefits of wood grain painting the doors you already have in your home

A set of front entry doors made out of fiberglass that has a wood grain stain applied to it. Here I’ll point out some of the non-benefits to buying and installing a new front door.

First let’s look at cost; The price you see is for a standard 30’’ double swing entry door, which is just about every double front door in Florida. So let’s take the $2505 price and tally up the actual cost for this door. We need to add: tax $175, install (conservative) $650, permits $125, and that brings the total up to $3455 !!

This leads us to convenience, The door has a lead time of a month, if it is on time and the order is correct. Then you need to schedule the install and be home for 2 whole days, along with inspections from the local building department, if they actually show up when scheduled (you will need 2 separate inspections). And you will need to hire someone to paint the stucco repair from the install around the door.

And finally maintenance, This is a fiberglass door and the finish will last a little longer than if it was a real wood door, so figure every 3 to 5 years depending on your exposure to the elements, you will need to re-stain and reseal the door. Not too bad.

So NOW, let’s take a look at the benefits of the Door Diva painting your existing metal doors.

Cost, We can paint your front doors AND your garage doors for about a 1/3 of the cost! With the same beautiful wood grain finish or any custom wood grain you select, we can even custom match any existing wood finishes you would like.

Convenience, You DON’T need to be home if we are only painting the outside. If we are painting the inside of the front doors, then you will only need to be home for 1 hour on 2 days! And no “inspections” are needed!

Maintenance, There is no maintenance for the doors. Depending on the exposure to the elements we will need to re-glaze coat the doors 6-10 years later.

And that’s it! Beth or James from the Door Diva will come out and provide you with an estimate, take care of the HOA paperwork, and complete your doors with no hassle for you. Please call or click to schedule an appointment with us.

Beth the Door Diva