Light House Point | Garage Door Restoration and Painting

Wood garage door restoration in Light House Point, Fl. This beautiful house was built with a garage door that has decorative resin/foam wood panels attached to it. The factory finish gave out in a couple of years and we were called in to refinish it. The resin/foam material had been damaged from the sun and elements, so instead of trying to re-stain the doors, we cleaned them, primed them, and wood grain painted them. With our proprietary wood grain materials we gave the doors new life with a protective barrier to help preserve them.

bad paint, peeling, cracking garage door

The Before, on the left is the faded and weathered garage door.

Garage door sealed and primed ready for paint

Sealed and primed garage door

wood grain painting the door

Wood grain painting started after the primer and sealer dried.

Manny times we encounter wood doors, doors with paneling, garage overlays, and wood panels that have degraded from the sun and the elements. Refinishing the wood involves sanding off all the old materials, conditioning the wood, applying several coats of stain and polyurethane. And this only works, if the wood is in good enough condition, to have a good result with a consistent finish.

A better and more cost effective way to repair or re-stain wood is to use our method of making the wood look better and last longer.

We will start with a proper cleaning of the wood surface, seal the wood, prime, and paint our wood grain finish on it.

There are several benefits of our wood grain process over real wood or resins. The first is the consistent color from us wood graining it, we make the color not the underlying wood. This lets us ignore damaged wood that is not good enough to stain but is still good enough to stay on the door. Second, our wood grained product is far more durable and has a longer life than stained wood. And the third reason, it costs less for us to wood grain your wood surface, than to refinish it.

Wood grain painted garage door in dark walnut and espresso

Finished wood grain in dark walnut and espresso tones.

Please take a look of the photos to see the differences between our wood grain painting and the original stained surface.

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Thanks, Beth the Door Diva