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This month we had an interesting call from a house in Parkland, Fl for some bad paint on a garage door that was bubbling, peeling, and cracking all over.  When the home owner called, the address rang a bell and when I pulled up to give the estimate I knew why. We painted the garage door in a beautiful wood grain finish several years ago, BUT since then, the house was painted and a “handyman painter” decided to paint over our doors for some reason and attempt to wood grain them. So after a short while the paint started to go bad, and the peeling and cracking started on the doors.

That’s when we were call in to fix the problem.

With many coats of unknown materials we had to remove from the doors, to get to a good base to fix them properly.  That is why we sometimes remove the paint, so we can know for sure what the results will be, giving us a solid foundation to build on. But an interesting twist happened on this one garage door.

Our original wood grain finish was underneath and it was still in perfect shape and

Fixing bad paint on a garage door and front door

Here you can see our premium coating that was under the bad paint a “handy man” put over it. Note our coating is able to stand up to paint removal!

looked beautiful when the 1st layers of paint were removed! In fact our proprietary coating was in perfect shape! But since we had started removing the paint we had to finish the job. Our wood grain coating is so tough; it resulted in a real head ache in getting it removed to complete the door. But with a little ingenuity we got it done, and we could start with the new wood grain finish.

You can see our still perfectly good wood grain in the photos below.

So properly prepping the doors, and getting them back to perfect condition was the next step. Then I Beth the Door Diva gave the doors back their beautiful wood grain finish!

If you have a door the paint is going bad on, give me a call and we can get it back to better than perfect for you.

We fix doors with faded paint, peeling paint, cracking paint, or just bad looking paint, in all of Palm Beach, PGA, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Broward, Parkland, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, Collier County, Naples.

We also give a 5 year guarantee on the doors when we fix them to assure that you won’t have any more problems when we are done.

Thanks Beth

Light House Point | Garage Door Restoration and Painting

Wood garage door restoration in Light House Point, Fl. This beautiful house was built with a garage door that has decorative resin/foam wood panels attached to it. The factory finish gave out in a couple of years and we were called in to refinish it. The resin/foam material had been damaged from the sun and elements, so instead of trying to re-stain the doors, we cleaned them, primed them, and wood grain painted them. With our proprietary wood grain materials we gave the doors new life with a protective barrier to help preserve them.

bad paint, peeling, cracking garage door

The Before, on the left is the faded and weathered garage door.

Garage door sealed and primed ready for paint

Sealed and primed garage door

wood grain painting the door

Wood grain painting started after the primer and sealer dried.

Manny times we encounter wood doors, doors with paneling, garage overlays, and wood panels that have degraded from the sun and the elements. Refinishing the wood involves sanding off all the old materials, conditioning the wood, applying several coats of stain and polyurethane. And this only works, if the wood is in good enough condition, to have a good result with a consistent finish.

A better and more cost effective way to repair or re-stain wood is to use our method of making the wood look better and last longer.

We will start with a proper cleaning of the wood surface, seal the wood, prime, and paint our wood grain finish on it.

There are several benefits of our wood grain process over real wood or resins. The first is the consistent color from us wood graining it, we make the color not the underlying wood. This lets us ignore damaged wood that is not good enough to stain but is still good enough to stay on the door. Second, our wood grained product is far more durable and has a longer life than stained wood. And the third reason, it costs less for us to wood grain your wood surface, than to refinish it.

Wood grain painted garage door in dark walnut and espresso

Finished wood grain in dark walnut and espresso tones.

Please take a look of the photos to see the differences between our wood grain painting and the original stained surface.

We service all of South Florida: Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, and Naples. Main office line 954-509-1000.

Please call with any questions.

Thanks, Beth the Door Diva

Advantages of Faux Painted Wood Grained Garage Doors

Painting your entry and garage doors makes a lot of sense. Cost, maintenance, convenience are all great benefits of Beth the Door Diva painting your house. From Wellington to Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Naples the Door Diva services your area, the prices discussed are for the south Florida area.

In this article we are going to look at the benefits and break them down for you.

I was walking through Lowes the other day and noticed this.

Benefits of wood grain painting the doors you already have in your home

Benefits of wood grain painting the doors you already have in your home

A set of front entry doors made out of fiberglass that has a wood grain stain applied to it. Here I’ll point out some of the non-benefits to buying and installing a new front door.

First let’s look at cost; The price you see is for a standard 30’’ double swing entry door, which is just about every double front door in Florida. So let’s take the $2505 price and tally up the actual cost for this door. We need to add: tax $175, install (conservative) $650, permits $125, and that brings the total up to $3455 !!

This leads us to convenience, The door has a lead time of a month, if it is on time and the order is correct. Then you need to schedule the install and be home for 2 whole days, along with inspections from the local building department, if they actually show up when scheduled (you will need 2 separate inspections). And you will need to hire someone to paint the stucco repair from the install around the door.

And finally maintenance, This is a fiberglass door and the finish will last a little longer than if it was a real wood door, so figure every 3 to 5 years depending on your exposure to the elements, you will need to re-stain and reseal the door. Not too bad.

So NOW, let’s take a look at the benefits of the Door Diva painting your existing metal doors.

Cost, We can paint your front doors AND your garage doors for about a 1/3 of the cost! With the same beautiful wood grain finish or any custom wood grain you select, we can even custom match any existing wood finishes you would like.

Convenience, You DON’T need to be home if we are only painting the outside. If we are painting the inside of the front doors, then you will only need to be home for 1 hour on 2 days! And no “inspections” are needed!

Maintenance, There is no maintenance for the doors. Depending on the exposure to the elements we will need to re-glaze coat the doors 6-10 years later.

And that’s it! Beth or James from the Door Diva will come out and provide you with an estimate, take care of the HOA paperwork, and complete your doors with no hassle for you. Please call or click to schedule an appointment with us.

Beth the Door Diva

Decorative Hardware for your Garage Doors and Front Doors

Decorative hardware for your doors is an exciting way to add a distinctive look to your home. After we paint your garage doors with our beautiful wood grain finish, we can still add a little more bling! With decorative hinges (some times referred to as dummy strap hinges), clavos/medallions, large door pulls, and door knockers.

A set of hinges and clavos on the garage doors along with a set of elegant door pulls and clavos on the front doors, sets your house off with an amazing design statement. We manufacture and sell decorative hardware for any style you desire for your home.

Dummy strap hinges are the most popular accent for your garage doors. A set of 4 hinges on each door is just right without overdoing the look. Our large majestic lion head door knockers are the perfect décor for your front entry doors.

Check out some of our Large Entry Door Lion Head Door Knockers in the pictures below.

Call or click to talk to James or Beth about any of the hardware we sell. As always, we will help you select and design your hardware package.

Lion Head door knockers 18'' extra large size

Lion Head door knockers 18” extra large size

lion head door knocker bronze 12 inch size

Lion head bronze door knocker, 12 inch in size.

Painting Metal Doors to Look like Wood

Wood grain faux finishes on doors, cabinets, stair cases, columns, and just about anything else you can think of is what we do. Over 15 years ago Me, Beth the Door Diva and my partner James started to paint garage doors to look like wood and now we have painted over 2,000 doors. As a master artist I have personally designed and wood grained all the doors we paint, we do not sub art work or send other people to do the work. You will always have my cell number or James’s cell number when we work for you.
We paint your existing doors to look like wood; there is no mess or inconvenience for you. You can use your doors during the project. Most jobs take 1 or 2 days to complete, most of the time you do not need to be home for us to work, allowing you to keep your schedule free.
We offer 7 standard wood grain tones and can custom match any wood tone you would like. If you have a real wood front door and would like the garage wood grain to match it, no problem.
Walnut, cherry, and mahogany faux wood grain tones are the most popular, one or a combination of them, are often just the right wood grain color tone to accent your entry doors and garage doors. As always we will meet with you and go over the design possibilities for your home. We have an extensive photo portfolio of almost any color faux wood grain you can imagine. We also have large samples of our standard wood tones to look at on you doors. From here we will pick the proper wood grain color and design for your garage doors and front doors.
Visit our Wood Grained Garage Doors web page for more information and to see a small sample of the doors we have painted.
We serve all of South Florida, and you can find our doors in most neighborhoods including Broward, Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples, Marco, and Fort Myers.
Please call or click to schedule an appointment or for more information.
Thanks, Beth the Door Diva.

Welcome to Wood Grained Garage Doors. is the home of Beth the Door Diva, Faux Painting, Hinges, Faux Iron and more!
Please take a look at our services we offer to help make your home look beautiful. We work in all of South Florida offering our famous faux wood grained garage doors, wood grain finishes, faux finish painting, faux wrought iron, door design accents including door handles, strap hinges, door knockers, and clavos (know as decorative nail heads).
Elegant wood tones and decorative hardware will transform the look of your house. Faux painting and wrought iron window treatments can add even further. Let me Beth the Door Diva design and create an amazing transformation for your home or business.
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