Olympia Wood Grained Garage Doors in Wellington, Fl

Dark Walnut Brown wood grained doors by Beth the Door Diva painted on a beautiful house in Wellington, Fl.

Our great customer in Olympia off of Forest Hills Blvd had us paint the doors in a classic dark walnut wood grain tone. The colors of the wood accented the house colors perfectly. We painted the front entry doors and the garage doors to match.

Take a look at the pictures and check out this awesome look. Thanks for stopping by, call me Beth with any questions 561-349-1000.

painted front doors

Front Entry Doors faux wood grain painted in a dark walnut faux wood


wood stain on garage doors

Garage doors wood stain color in Wellington Fl

Wood Grain Doors in Pembroke Pines

Beth the Door Diva, faux wood grain painted this set of garage doors, front doors, and windows in Pembroke Pines, Fl.

With the house being painted a nice soft yellow color, Beth designed a beautiful dark walnut wood grain finish for the color. The home owner just had a new set of front doors installed in white with the beautiful iron design in the glass. The transom window would have felt left out if we didn’t paint it also. With the window and the concrete transom painted to match it gives the effect of a large custom door and transom.

Garage door painted to look like wood in Pembroke Pines Front door and transom window painted with wood color Walnut wood grain finish painted in Pembroke Pines

You can see the beautiful transformation of the look of the house with doors painted.

Please call or contact the Door Diva for a quote or to look at your paint project. We service all of south Florida.

Wood Grain Garage Doors in Fort Lauderdale

Espresso wood grain finish on a set of garage doors and front doors in Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

Espresso Color wood grain

Espresso Color wood grain

Beth the door diva would like to share this beautiful project with everyone. It is an excellent example of what garage doors and entry doors can say about your home. This grand estate house in Fort Lauderdale has a lot going for it, looks, size, architecture, and a really long driveway! Except the view of the front of the house was missing a decorative focal point. Ahh that’s where the doors come in, we went with a wood grain finish with a great deal of strength to add to the beauty of the house. With all surface area the front view has to offer the Espresso wood grain finish is just the right look.

We went with a soft grain for the wood finish, with just enough contrast to show the wood. This rich and elegant wood grain is a great choice for this home. Over the 2 day process Beth the Door Diva layered 5 different espresso colors to create the work of art and just the right shades of wood.

Beth can transform your doors too, please call to make an appointment.

Before Painting the Espresso Wood Grain

Before Painting the Espresso Wood Grain


Wood Grained Garage Doors Wellington, Fl

Beautiful wood grained garage we painted in the Wellington Country Club, I wanted to show this set of garage doors and the entry doors, that are one of my favorite sets we have done in the Palm Beach area. The front doors, side windows, and all the trim are made out of wood and the garage doors are metal. The front door was previously stained several times and the wood was starting to weather, instead of re-staining the wood we primed over it with a special wood treatment primer and then we did our wood grain painted finish on the door. The picture below shows the finished painted door.


Picture of a set of front doors painted to look like wood in Wellington, Fl

Wood grain painted door in Wellington CC.


The garage had been previously painted with the wrong materials and we had to strip them to get down to a good base so we could paint them. After a proper priming of the surface we then base coated and wood grain finished them.

Beautiful picture of a set garage doors with a painted wood grain finsih by the Door Diva in Palm Beach, Fl

Wood grained garage doors in Palm Beach, Fl

In Wellington a lot of the houses have a plain set of steel entry doors and plain white garages, which leaves a lot to be desired. With the front doors and large transom window, and 3 single garage doors, this house along with the wood grain finish really make this house stand out. With great curb appeal and looks this paint job added a lot of value to the home.

The dark brown and espresso colors combined added just the right richness to the house. As always I (Beth, the Door Diva) will help you select the right color for you, and we can create any custom color wood grain we need to make for the project. Please call us 561-349-1000 or visit us online www.paintyourdoor.com.


Beth, the Door Diva