Decorative Hardware for your Garage Doors and Front Doors

Decorative hardware for your doors is an exciting way to add a distinctive look to your home. After we paint your garage doors with our beautiful wood grain finish, we can still add a little more bling! With decorative hinges (some times referred to as dummy strap hinges), clavos/medallions, large door pulls, and door knockers.

A set of hinges and clavos on the garage doors along with a set of elegant door pulls and clavos on the front doors, sets your house off with an amazing design statement. We manufacture and sell decorative hardware for any style you desire for your home.

Dummy strap hinges are the most popular accent for your garage doors. A set of 4 hinges on each door is just right without overdoing the look. Our large majestic lion head door knockers are the perfect d├ęcor for your front entry doors.

Check out some of our Large Entry Door Lion Head Door Knockers in the pictures below.

Call or click to talk to James or Beth about any of the hardware we sell. As always, we will help you select and design your hardware package.

Lion Head door knockers 18'' extra large size

Lion Head door knockers 18” extra large size

lion head door knocker bronze 12 inch size

Lion head bronze door knocker, 12 inch in size.