Premium Garage Door Painting By the Door Diva

This month we had an interesting call from a house in Parkland, Fl for some bad paint on a garage door that was bubbling, peeling, and cracking all over.  When the home owner called, the address rang a bell and when I pulled up to give the estimate I knew why. We painted the garage door in a beautiful wood grain finish several years ago, BUT since then, the house was painted and a “handyman painter” decided to paint over our doors for some reason and attempt to wood grain them. So after a short while the paint started to go bad, and the peeling and cracking started on the doors.

That’s when we were call in to fix the problem.

With many coats of unknown materials we had to remove from the doors, to get to a good base to fix them properly.  That is why we sometimes remove the paint, so we can know for sure what the results will be, giving us a solid foundation to build on. But an interesting twist happened on this one garage door.

Our original wood grain finish was underneath and it was still in perfect shape and

Fixing bad paint on a garage door and front door

Here you can see our premium coating that was under the bad paint a “handy man” put over it. Note our coating is able to stand up to paint removal!

looked beautiful when the 1st layers of paint were removed! In fact our proprietary coating was in perfect shape! But since we had started removing the paint we had to finish the job. Our wood grain coating is so tough; it resulted in a real head ache in getting it removed to complete the door. But with a little ingenuity we got it done, and we could start with the new wood grain finish.

You can see our still perfectly good wood grain in the photos below.

So properly prepping the doors, and getting them back to perfect condition was the next step. Then I Beth the Door Diva gave the doors back their beautiful wood grain finish!

If you have a door the paint is going bad on, give me a call and we can get it back to better than perfect for you.

We fix doors with faded paint, peeling paint, cracking paint, or just bad looking paint, in all of Palm Beach, PGA, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Broward, Parkland, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, Collier County, Naples.

We also give a 5 year guarantee on the doors when we fix them to assure that you won’t have any more problems when we are done.

Thanks Beth