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Faux Wood Grained Doors by Beth the Door Diva

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Interior Design and Painting for your Home

Wood Grain Garage Door Painting, Home Painting, Faux Finishes, Home Design, Decorative Hardware, and Faux Wrought Iron for your home. We service all of Florida
934 N University Dr. Suite #265
Coral Springs Florida 33071 USA
Phone: 954-509-1000
Phone: 561-349-1000
Picture of a column that was painted to look like marble Picture of 2 columns in a master bath painted to look like marble with faux finsih in Parkland, Fl

Faux Painted Marble Columns

Interior and Exterior Faux Painted Marble Columns by the Door Diva

 We can transform your columns, walls, even floors with our Marble Faux Finish. The classic look of marble for your home is a great way to add beauty and accent to select areas. Our classic Marble Columns transform the look of any room or area.  The beauty of faux marble, with its elegant designs and colors is very pleasing to the eye. Combining different faux techniques such as adding a wood grain finish to the crown and base of the column and gold metallic accents will add even more beauty.

Faux marble columns painted the right way, by our master artist Beth the Door Diva and her team, will leave your home with a stunning look that you will love.

Our faux marble can be painted in any color tone. We will look at the existing colors and interior design of the area and formulate the appropriate marble color and design. All jobs start with custom samples for the home owner and can be tailored for individual tastes.

Also don’t forget your outside columns! An excellent way to transform the look of your home from the street view. Many homes here in south Florida including Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami have large concrete columns at the front door entry area, that are a perfect candidate for a faux marble look. Most of the time, these are painted the same color as the house and blend in, a waste of built in architecture that would cost a great deal to have installed after the fact. So with such amazing architectural detail already in place, we just need to bring it to life with a faux marble finish.

Faux Marble painted columns are very popular in Davie, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, and Boca. Exterior marble columns are common in Miami, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach. We service all of these areas; please call for an appointment for faux painted marble columns.

Picture of 4 columns painted with a marble finish by the door diva at Picture of columns in house painted with a faux marble paint outside columns in front of a house painted with a faux marble finish by beth the door diva Concrete interior column with marble faux finsih

Faux painted marble columns on the exterior of the house add a distinctive look to your home or business.

Faux marble columns painted in a dinning room in Fort Lauderdale,FL. From the plan white columns to our beautiful marble design by Beth the Door Diva.