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Faux Wood Grained Doors by Beth the Door Diva

Door Diva, Wood Grain Doors 934 N University Dr Suite #265 Coral Springs, FL 33071



Interior Design and Painting for your Home

Wood Grain Garage Door Painting, Home Painting, Faux Finishes, Home Design, Decorative Hardware, and Faux Wrought Iron for your home. We service all of Florida
934 N University Dr. Suite #265
Coral Springs Florida 33071 USA
Phone: 954-509-1000
Phone: 561-349-1000

Wrought Iron Front Doors

 You can have the look of Wrought Iron front doors without replacing them. We can add our faux wrought iron to your existing glass door. If you do not have a glass door and have side lights or a transom window, this is the perfect location to add the  look of wrought iron to your doors.

Faux wrought iron combined with our wood grain finish on your existing doors creates an amazing look for a small fraction of the cost of new doors.

Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Faux wrought iron is custom sized for any opening or shape needed. We take precise measurements and templates to provide an amazing fit. This makes our wrought iron décor perfect for walls, niches, ceilings, ceiling coffers, room dividers, and windows.

Wall niches with wrought iron make a stunning look in your home. Take your kitchen window add our faux wrought iron with your family initials inlayed, to transform the look of your kitchen.

Faux wrought iron is the perfect design piece for a ceiling coffer. It ads depth and shadow to an other wise plain detail. A stunning look for the foyer or living room.

The Door Diva sells several kinds of faux wrought iron window treatments. Our faux wrought iron is perfect for transom windows, wall arches, side light windows, wall units, ceilings, large wall openings, room dividers, and wall niches.

Each piece is custom made starting with a template of the area. Then we design the piece by selecting one of the 15 patterns and colors available, finally we chose the density of the pattern of the design in the iron.

Our faux wrought iron can be installed indoors or outdoors, carries a warrantee, and is 70% lighter in weight verses real wrought iron.

Faux Wrought Iron Window Treatments

Picture of faux iron installed in a wall openingPicture of a custom faux wrought iron arch installed in a wall openingPicture of faux iron installed ina wall niche with back lights

Faux Wrought Iron Window Treatments for your home

Faux iron makes a great room divider when you have opening between two areas in your home, as seen in the picture above. It adds a beautiful accent and at the same time creates separation of the areas.

Picture of a front door with iron installed in the sidle lite and transom windows Picture of the installed piece

Wrought Iron Front Entry Doors

Faux wrought iron can transform any existing front door. At this customer’s house in the photo below, we added the wrought iron to the transom window and the window side lights.

Picture of a sample