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Faux Wood Grained Doors by Beth the Door Diva

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Interior Design and Painting for your Home

Wood Grain Garage Door Painting, Home Painting, Faux Finishes, Home Design, Decorative Hardware, and Faux Wrought Iron for your home. We service all of Florida
934 N University Dr. Suite #265
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Phone: 954-509-1000
Phone: 561-349-1000

Interior Design Project in Fort Lauderdale by Beth the Door Diva

Interior Design in Fort LauderdaleInterior design of walls and ceiling and accentsSolid colors, faux finishes, and wood grain transform this room

The Before!

In this paint and design profile of a beautiful single story ranch house located in Fort Lauderdale, we will take a look at the transformation of the common area from ugly to beautiful. And all it takes is the right designer with a great paint company.

The paint and design started with moulding being installed and the old paint covered. Now with a clean pallet and taking into effect all the new fixtures, furniture, drapes, and flooring we picked vibrant colors for the walls, a rich patina faux for the mouldings, and a complimentary wood grain finish for the crown and the base boards.

The walls were painted with a rich flat finish in our custom made color by Beth. Beth also created the patina finish for all the moulding and the wood grain finish for all the crown and base boards. We wanted a contrast with the painted mouldings but a solid color was not the right answer, a patina faux with the complimentary colors from the surrounding accents is always a great choice and makes for a rich feel. The crown moulding and base boards were faux wood grain finished in a wood tone made to match the new furniture and cabinets being installed.

The previous owner had the rooms painted in the wrong colors and with bad craftsman ship. The existing faux was too heavy and sloppily done, the wood colors were wrong, and the house had no vibrant colors or depth to the architecture.

You can see from the pictures and the video the sunning painted transformation of the house.

Beth Does color design and consulting for homeowners, designers, and construction companies. Please call for information or to set up an appointment.