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Faux Wood Grained Doors by Beth the Door Diva

Door Diva, Wood Grain Doors 934 N University Dr Suite #265 Coral Springs, FL 33071



Interior Design and Painting for your Home

Wood Grain Garage Door Painting, Home Painting, Faux Finishes, Home Design, Decorative Hardware, and Faux Wrought Iron for your home. We service all of Florida
934 N University Dr. Suite #265
Coral Springs Florida 33071 USA
Phone: 954-509-1000
Phone: 561-349-1000

Paver Sealing and Paver Cleaning

Seal your pavers the right way

Many homeowners make the mistake thinking they need to seal their pavers every year, or even two times a year, a BIG mistake! Handymen, Home Depot, and unskilled pressure cleaners are to blame. And why not do it twice a year, they can sell twice the product and collect twice the pay.

The truth is you only need to seal every 2 years at a minimum. You have to let paver sealer live its life span on the pavers. When the sealer looks like it is finally gone, it is time to seal again. Also with a premium paver sealer applied the proper way, you should easily get 2 years of expected life.

So have your pavers been botched by the sealer guy that shows up every six months wanting to seal your paver for a $200 bucks?

Do You NOW have the “White Haze” on your pavers?

Well we CAN FIX it for you!

We can remove the White Haze on your pavers. We can chemically treat or sandblast them to remove the bad material that is causing the white haze to form.

Sandblasting Pavers with our dustless blasting machine is clean and easy for the homeowner. Unlike regular dry sandblasting that produces large dust clouds that will cover your house and your neighbors house and cars, we produce 99% less dust.

We can chemically treat the pavers sometimes if certain materials and factors allow us to.

And finally we will seal them properly!

We Can Remove the White Haze

Before and afterClear sealer applicationDifference between being sealedPicture of an examplePicture of the appliction of clear paver sealer